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Keep that Holiday weight in check

POSTED BY: Samson Brands on Friday, December 16, 2011

Hello everyone! We're quickly coming upon that time of year. You know, that time of year where all of the delicious Holiday food seemingly just happens to go from the table to your mouth.

Struggling with a minor variation in weight this time of year is perfectly natural, as our bodies are getting ready for the cold weather about to descend upon us. On the other hand, we like to take this to the next level by indulging in all of the glorious Holiday treats and cooking that are conveniently oh so plentiful.

Well, you have to live; feel free to eat some treats, just keep it in check! Get creative with some Holiday horídourves using fruits, vegetables; or create some nutrient rich fruit and vegetable juice with a Samson Juicer!

Research suggests that eating more fruits and vegetables is associated with better weight maintenance. More specifically, studies have shown that those who consume more fruits and vegetables while decreasing fat and added sugar are able to manage their weight better, suppress their appetite in a healthy way, and have a better intake of additional nutrients such as vitamins and minerals.

How do Fruits and Vegetables help manage your weight?

They're Low in calories in comparison to other foods, enabling someone to eat them to a filling satisfaction without accumulating many calories. The "full" feeling comes from the high water and fiber content they contain; which works to help delay feelings of hunger between meals. Eating raw or crisply steamed cooked vegetables requires more chewing, which may slow the pace of eating, helping an individual to decrease unnecessary extra intake at a meal and allowing the food to settle in the stomach.

Let fruits and vegetables replace your garbage foods. Youíll find that they're the perfect alternative to foods high in fat and sugar content, and within a short time your body will come to crave the natural sugars within the fruits and vegetables.


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