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POSTED BY: Samson Brands on Wednesday, January 11, 2012

     We truly love recieving such inspirational e-mails like this one that came in this morning from a long time friend and customer of SamsonBrands. It's never too late to get healthy - and EVERYONE has the power to do so!

Well done Billie, congratulations on all of your monumental health success - lots of love and well wishes from everyone of us here at SamsonBrands:

     Hi, :) Glad you want to improve your life, like I'm doing. I feel better now, at 64, than I've ever felt my whole life! As you read through everything, keep in mind, there's a plus and minus to absolutely everything... then there's degree that gives us choices. So it's up to you to develop self-awareness, and make your own, informed decisions, based on your changing needs and priorities. After all, it's your life, and when you come to the end of it, and look behind you, what better accomplishment than to know you lived it to the best of your ability... creating so much goodness along the way... it's self empowering!

Today, JUICING not only saved my life, but in the process, maximized my health. I no longer have osteoporosis, I grew bone & healed dangerous dental conditions. My Dentist and Oral Surgeon said I have the teeth & gums of a 40 year old!!! :) Dr. said I have the body of a young girl! :)

25 Years ago I was sent home to die!, "all systems failing", Western Medicine didn't have anything to help me! I found a Holistic Dr. who said the only thing that could help me was JUICING, as my digestion was too damaged, but I could absorb everything I needed through my stomach. The she asked me to read the book "Fresh Juice & Vegetables" written my Norman Walker, the inventor of Juicing... so I did!

Long story short, I learned: A) if I used the "creeper" juicer, with the spinning basket, 1) it kills way too many enzymes, as the heat from centrifugal force kills enzymes, 2) and throws away juice in its very wet pulp, 3) so it cost's me a lot more in the long run, because it can't give me what I paid to get!!! B) But if I paid more up front for the "TWIN-GEAR JUICER" 1) thats "cooool" giving max enzymes, as it "chews" my veggies, like I do, 2) and gives me max juice, with dryer pulp, 3) costing me a lot less in the long run, giving me everything and more, I paid for!!!


It healed my whole body, spirit, mind and soul!!! Then Aging Hit Hard at 50!!! Sooo, back to the books, learning the most from my Juicing Dr., On-Line-Info. and "Prescription for Nutritional Healing", the results from all the world studies. :) To Summarize... aging and health come together in the patterns of Enzymes. Enzymes are life itself, giving life to all life. They do every job that's required to create, maintain and rejuvenate life. In that, there are two kinds of Enzymes: Irreplaceable & Replaceable.

Irreplaceable Enzymes are inherited, like our family "trust-fund". They give us our maximum life span, so when enough of them die, we die. We have no control over this ageing process, other than to provide the healthiest environment possible, to support their maximum life span. But death is inevitable.

Replaceable Enzymes are our responsibility, like our own "checking-account". They give us a quality of health and life style, plus play a big part in our life span, according to our deposits.

We have all the control over this ageing process. We can choose to make deposits by consuming live foods, juices, and supplements... or not.

Here is how aging works: When we're born our checking account is over-flowing, that's why kids have so much energy. At 30 we've spent about half. Kid's aren't taught to deposit much in their accounts... becoming emotional eaters. So at 30 our stomach acid is too weak to pull the nutrients out of our food and put them to work. (The consequences are simple, we start to have weight issues, body problems, get tired sooner, depressed, then finally, sickly. Many follow the crowd to the drug store for over-the- counter stuff, then to the Dr's. to get the "best" help... a prescription... it's easy, it's right! It's what "everyone" does! And Dr's are trustworthy. But Here's News... Dr's aren't taught Holistic Medicine in Medical School. They're just taught Western Medicine. (But some learn it afterward because it's so true, so valuable). After we moved, my new Dr. told me, during my annual, "I'm proud you don't come for prescriptions... I'm learning from you... your program is wonderful... and it keeps showing up in our offices"!!! :) So if you "top off" our checking account, you can be "a kid again" too!!! :) !

Enzymes do specific jobs, like worker bees... specific "bees" do specific jobs. Supplements and RAW FOOD have a specific variety of bees in them that target a variety of specific problems, which is why we hand pick specific supplements, and foods. It's clear when you "look them up". I target a specific problem when I order a specific suppie, getting a-lot-more than I asked for. Then I intentionally go for the widest range, when I juice, rotating all raw veggies. So my checking account is bursting with the widest possible range of worker bees, and my problems are more taken care of!!! :)

I've never supplemented for my mouth, but my dentist just said I have the spit of a child! And when I "finally lost my baby tooth, at 61"... oral surgeon said the same! He did 9 months of (life threatening implant) work, in less than a half hour, with a child's dose of Novocain, and no (antibiotic) or aspirin needed afterward! He, and my dentist, both added my bones are spongy, like a child's! Which confirms...three years ago, when I was diagnosed with osteoporoses, I developed a # 7 pocket at my gum-line, from bone absorption... now it's only a 3! My dentist said "no one does that at your age!" I dont bleed when he cleans, no cavities for as long as I can remember, and have little plaque build-up. He simply replaced a child-hood filling that just wore out, no crown needed again, using "less Novocain than a child's dose", because my circulation is so good! He was blown-away! He said, "Science knows our head is a prime target for bone absorption, and our mouth a prime target for bacteria, and aging deteriorates our youthful health, but yours doesnt really have those "age related" problems". This proved to him my (mouths) checking account is "child like"!!! What he also knows, because we share, is the rest of me is child-like too, my life style, my joy, my energy, my enthusiasm! What's old age without health? Want to play? :) !!!

So before I go, I saved the best new for last... I no longer have osteoporoses... I grew bone & a 1/2 inch !!! That I targeted, big-time... now my titanium implant, ultra-sound, and maximum health prove it!!! It's all paid off! Now, playing is more fun than ever! :) !!! I feel like a young girl! :) I hope sharing all this with you will... "help you help yourself"! Because if I can do it... you can do too!!! :) To any degree that you do this, it will pay you back ten-fold!!! :) Enjoy... and good health to and yours... the rewards are worth the price!!! From My Heart & Soul, Billie :)


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