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POSTED BY: Samson Brands on Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Howdy folks, I hope that everyone has been enjoying their summer to their fullest ability, over here in Connecticut we've had some beautiful weather lately, and hey, even the thunder storms have been incredible to watch as well! One of my favorite things about summer is simply sitting outside and enjoying a nice big bowl of fruits and vegetables. That brings me to a new and growing concern, how can you be certain that the fruits and vegetables that you're indulging upon are safe to be eating? Especially in this day and age, farmers need to be protecting their crops from ever growing dangers, and in order to do so, many are ridden with pesticides and a vast assortment of chemicals.



The peel of the kiwi provides a barrier from any pesticides used in the production.

Look for fruit that smells good. Kiwi should be plump and yield to a squeeze. Avoid fruit that has moist areas or any bruising on the skin. If unripe is all that is available, take them home and place them in a paper bag.



All pesticides remain on the peel of the fruit, which isn't eaten.

Choosing: A pale yellow peel with green tips is tart and great for frying or pie.
When mostly yellow, the pulp will be firmer and still good for pies and tarts.
The last stage is a deep yellow with brown spots; this is the sweetest for eating.



Avocados have thick skins that protect the fruit from pesticide build-up.
Look for fruit that's still somewhat unripe and firm to the squeeze; they'll ripen nicely in a few days sitting on the kitchen counter. Store at room temperature and give them a rinse before cutting them open.



Cabbage doesn't require much in the way of spraying to grow it, so it doesn't contain as many pesticides.

Look for cabbage heads with tight leaves (the exception is Savoy; as its leaves are loose and they crinkly naturally), and the head is heavy and firm. The outer leaves should be shiny and crisp, and avoid leaves that show signs of yellowing.


Also, I want to note the benefits of buying your fruits and vegetables organic. For example, the Tomato is delicious and healthy, however its soft outer skin is no match against many of the common pesticides. Hey, if you're interested in a new hobby, growing them is fun and exciting as well! If you can't find organic, try to go for green peas, broccoli and asparagus.

Samson Brands also offers an exclusive multi-purpose fruit and vegetable machine washer. It is extremely simple to use, and the ultrasonic waves emmitted by the washer eliminates 98.9% or more of pesticides such as Parathion and EPN (extremely toxic insecticides), and Captan ( a fungicide used on Grapes and Cabbage). It can even be used on all of your kitchen dishes, glasses and utensils! After a few times in the Samson Multi-Purpose Washer, the original color of your dishes and kitchenware is restored to new!


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